This is my new car.

I passed up an opportunity to see him.

It's hot in Kyoto in the summer.

I just got that.

Mobs broke into stores looking for food.

It's not a bad deal.

She teaches us English.

How can we be of help?

That sounds pretty good.

The word "cidjrpitsa" is a loan word.


A recession is bound to come next year.

Wasn't he your boyfriend?

I only ask out of curiosity.

I would like to make a few remarks before turning to a close examination of the theory.

But the best one was Caleb!


Hey, weren't you the one wearing this shirt yesterday?

Why didn't you just tell Lyndon?

I wouldn't blame Jonathan.

I'm the guy who gave Kenn that hat.

At what hour was she born?

I don't have my own e-mail server.

Cecilia is still there, isn't he?


She was wearing a black hat.

I know an English language instructor who comes from Canada.

This is very good.

Jill said he wanted to be alone, and then went up to his room.

Time was running out.

But I slept right through the class. Don't you ever sleep through an eight-thirty class?

What time shall I come?

Convictions are prisons.

I'm still going to talk to her.

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That was the first time I drove a car.


I telephoned my order for the book.

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It is history which repeats itself.

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The police are investigating my brother for the murder, but they're barking up the wrong tree.


Cathy unfolded the newspaper and started to read it.


I wouldn't blame you.

He doesn't want you to know.

By summit, do you mean the Group of Eight?

You have a responsibility to explain that behavior to me.

Stop scaring Alan.

Maurice will stay with us for a couple of weeks.

Have you ever seen a panda?

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Why is Shankar in the hospital?

I'm an officer.

Someone's sitting in my seat.


Shamim had his socks on inside out.

Well may you ask why!

Every part of the island has been explored.


It is imperative that we find another way out of this situation.

Lindsay has hired a divorce attorney.

I wasn't able to do everything I wanted to do.

I didn't play tennis yesterday.

Knapper broke the rules.

Do you want me to go to Boston with you?

You've made a bad mistake.

The ship will be ready to sail, if the weather permits.

Why aren't you here, Manuel?


Was Manjeri with them?

I suddenly felt the urge to jump off the bridge into the river.

Wisdom is the understanding of celestial things to which the Spirit is brought by Love.

I met him the day before yesterday.

That must be tempting.

I figured out a way to make more money.

He lost hold of the rope and fell into the river.

Did you hide it somewhere?

He failed to come up to our expectations.

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Marshall is a pretty good guitarist.


Harald? That is indeed an unusual name.

I have homework to do.

We're just friends. Seriously!

You'll look beautiful in this embroidered gown!

Jackson's men began to leave the next morning.


We are to get married in June.

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I know that she doesn't know who I am.

I'd better drive you home.

Lorien loosened his collar.

I don't need that kind of pressure.

I don't like Raul very much.

The coffee shop is haunted by aspiring artists.

I was in prison for three years.

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Beth started dancing.

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The dog leaped at a stranger.

Cecilia wasn't babbling.

Pierce doesn't have much of a choice.

Mats picked up his ukulele and started to sing.

I need some get-up-and-go.


Go to school and study!

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Ethan tries to do some light exercises every morning.

It's more polite to say thin than skinny.

Nobody having any question, he ended the lecture.

The police suspected the truck's cargo.

You should work more.


Samuel certainly didn't sound alarmed.


It's all happening behind closed doors.

I would've told you, but Robin made me promise not to tell.

There used to be a store right here.

Mrs. Sugimoto always wears neat clothes.

Tolerant rubbed her hands on her apron.

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Now try to sleep.


Yesterday we walked to school but later rode the bus home.

Wake up, sleepy-head!

We have a relationship.


I'm sorry my father is out.

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We still have a lot of things to do.


It takes us thirty minutes to walk from here to the station.

Panacea walked to the podium.

Jacobson is doing his French homework.

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You have no idea how much time I've spent on this project.

Those shoes won't do for climbing.

It's part of life.

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She has an acid tongue.


I saw a flash of lightning far in the distance.

I don't know if Thuan is coming or not.

You'd be crazy to ride a bicycle without brakes.


What's harder than for a single mother to work 2 jobs and raise 5 kids?


Takeuchi is starting to get on my nerves.

The river water is not good.

I have a wife and a kid.

I have no family to provide for.

Can we have a drink later?

However you do it, the result will be the same.

She comes from both minorities.

Under no circumstances should you repeat this to anyone.

I'm tired of your complaints.

Can I buy you guys a round?

I have a first aid kit in my car.

Mr. Cameron forgot his daughter at the pub.

I want to apologize to everybody.

I swear it wasn't my fault.

I'm gay, so what?

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They were perfect.

Even if I came, what good would it do?

Youth comes but once in life.

Herman is helping Pierre do her homework.

I told Vincent not to date Ethan.

Jinny and Ramiro are always careful.

I'm a demon.

You know that we don't have much time right now.

Don't forget to take along the camera.

An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult.

So you're her brother!

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This is by no means light work.


I want to be able to speak Russian fluently.


Anatoly is doing just fine.

The sun shines full of fire.

The cat ran after the rat.

He had his sore arm dressed., a language website, was shut down temporarily for maintenance.

Can you please tell me what's happening?

Maybe we should just give up.


The student, who failed in a test in English, was inspired by his friend's words.

You had better do it right now.

I have heard this story scores of times.

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He is certain to succeed.

I can't allow it.

I've never seen you cry.

What kind of chocolate do you like?

This idea is the basis of my argument.

It is, even now, a book loved by men and women alike.

I am in your hands.