I wouldn't put it past him to cheat if it served his interests.

I bear no grudge against you.

The sun was shining and it was warm, so I took the day off.

My name's not 'girl,' either.


Why are you climbing this tree?

I really can't do that.

In the opening paragraphs I query the validity of so-called supply-side economic strategies.

Do you know your license plate number?

You'll be gorgeous.

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He seems to deal in clothes.


Maybe we should just go.

They needed one another.

Ethan doesn't know what to make of this.

Is it like you remembered it?

Will this ever end?

She is wearing a hat.

I wouldn't be happy if I had to do that.

He banged his head against a shelf and got a big lump.

I'll treasure it.


Pantelis is in the library.

We'll have plenty of time for that later.


Don't you say you saw this coming!

"Whose pants are these?" "They are Ken's."

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I burnt my fingertip.

This question is like asking a parent which child they love the most.

He wants to wait until he's married.

They did away with the bad habit.

Tell Mitch how important the meeting is.

Reading a book can be compared to a journey.

Jorge found a hoard.

Has anything like this happened before?

You see, the first of the students is my father.

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I want to leave behind contributions to humanity.


It'll be tonight.

When I met my former teacher, he inquired after my parents.

Health is worth more than wealth.

Elisabeth needs to do this.

We just got rid of everything.

There's nothing more Lance can say.

I told him everything.

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My parents don't like my girlfriend. They say that she's a gold digger.

His opinion was the same as mine.

Cleanse me! Release me! Set me free!

I grew up in this city.

I don't like visiting big cities.


We need to move forward.

What the fuck were you thinking?

The chances of our team winning are fifty-fifty.

There was silence as the judge pronounced sentence.

Eat everything.

That is a reputable store.

Advertising local products might require the use of local words.


Sandip is too tired to work.

It was exactly like you said it would be.

What do you suggest then?

It's very kind of you.

She slept even more.

I have to have a little chat with Raanan.

He announced his engagement to her.

They chose him for their leader.

One more bottle of wine, please.


Your method is better.

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North Korea decided the time was right to invade.

Are they now available throughout Switzerland?

I didn't budge.


Tell me this is over.

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Lucie isn't here. She's doing her good deed of the week.

Fred said he's going to try something he has never done before.

Where does this path take you?

Distance is the only thing that the rich are willing for the poor to call theirs, and keep.

I put the meat we just bought in the freezer.


I love you, do you hear me? I love you!

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You should go too!

I feel a little bad today.

Finish it before you go to bed.

The examination was not difficult in the least.

It's easier to replace a dead man than a good picture.

In 1986, the Soviet Union launched the Space Station Mir. During its 15 year lifetime, it was the largest space station to orbit the Earth.

Wendell and Terrence both looked worried.


What makes you think Ernst was talking to you?

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Please let me know how you are going to solve.

Many children will be going from door to door saying "Trick or treat?" on Halloween night.

"What day is it?" "It's Wednesday."

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Gregor rarely smiles.


I can't speak English.

When was the last time you saw Barbra smile?

I think I'll get back to work.

Why are you holding my hands?

Someone called 911.

Floyd passed away getting struck by lightning on the beach.

Cecilia never puts things back where they belong.

Noemi will never go back to Boston.

They're not prepared for this.

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It rained a lot that winter.

I hope Rajendra can help us.

It was just an experiment.


I've been looking forward to hearing from you for weeks.

I'm going on a run.

You should've seen what happened.

That hotel serves very good food.

My hobby is reading comics.

I won't allow it.

Ssi folded the napkins carefully.

That kind of person will fail for sure.

Stand up straight. Slouching is bad for you.

I thought it was very good.

The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them.


I want to do a little physical exercise.

Glen didn't tell Rainer about the accident.

Suzy has a large walk-in wardrobe.

If I'm late again, I'm going to be fired.

Are you sure you're well enough to go to school?


I am free this evening.


You're the one who suggested coming to this club.

I bet you've done this before.

I had enough to keep up with him.

I had my car filled up at the service station at the corner.

The radio is a bit loud.

It'll be hard to persuade him.

How long was your shift?

Our rates are now lower!

We have been here since three days.


He accused us of wronging him.

It was a lucky win.

Are you sure there's nothing else we have to do?

My grandson's toys are spread all around the house.

He sat surrounded by his grandchildren.

I'm certain I saw Debbie.

I don't think he's coming.

What did Kumi make?

Ann did what needed to be done.

They bought the same camera as you.

How do you know it was Lee who broke the window?

We shared happy and important moments.

Don't be lazy, use the kanji you've been taught.


We chose a hotel near the museums.

If you watch past season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without me, I'm going to kill you.

Leung fell asleep as soon as the movie started.

Who does your sister take after?

Happy birthday to me!

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Are you sure you want to do that?


I knew Matthias would want to go with us.

Isn't that possible?

He is sure to win the game.

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I've known Rainer since he was born.

Spring has passed and summer starts.

I hope this medicine works.

At these last words, Pinocchio jumped up in a fury, took a hammer from the bench, and threw it with all his strength at the Talking Cricket.

I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay an excess weight fee.

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The police stepped up their efforts to catch the rapist.

I could not sleep because of the noise.

Men want to feel needed.

Urs is right behind Nora.

Are you going someplace?

Dale didn't quite understand.

That's what addresses the issue.

Earthlings became under alien surveillance that prevented a major war.

I'll never be as good as her.


The child was hot with fever.

How many of you are there at the base?

Health is a treasure, the value of which is known only to the sick.

This is one of the most serious problems facing this country.

I just told her.

I had perfect attendance this year.

What did she do to her hair?

Apparently he wanted to distract her.

Every win fails eventually.