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You've got to tell me what's going on.


The more I study for an exam, the worse I do! I guess correlation does not imply causation.


Now, Alexander can translate in Spanish.

They seemed fearless.

How do I look?

We have that in common.

Is Mongo really planning on helping Kevyn?

She shot her.

I wondered who it was.


When was the last time you spoke to Galen?


The quality is good enough and more importantly it's in your price range.

Why do you love an idiot like me?

You can't come at the same time!

He was chatting with his friend Jesse Jackson about the meeting that night.

In her time, Farouk was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Don't make factual statements without a source.

I use the subject line to determine the contents so please fill it in.

I don't want to see her today.


Don't bring any food inside the laboratory.

I want to get a satisfactory explanation for your conduct.

Raif looked up and saw Ted standing there.

What is the average rainfall for July here?

You really don't want to do this.

I don't care what you say, I hate you!

Please don't get them excited.

Shaw has lived in Boston most of his life.

Is Seth in a better mood today?

Sorry, could you turn the radio off?

Persian is not a difficult language.

I wish I hadn't married her.

Srinivas looks like he wants to leave.

I can only guess that you must want one.

I wish you luck. You'll need it.

Morris wondered who Suu was looking for.

We passed by the door of a certain unfurnished room.

You're sure about this, right?

The change is too small to be observed.

He is extremely friendly.

If only I could go skiing.

Polly turned up the volume.

Julian isn't here right now.

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Olson still has a few options.


This book is adapted for children.

Lingonberries are abundant in the forests of Sweden.

Look, there's my mother.

Jeffery always has to put her two cents worth in.

You should work harder.

Where's your girlfriend?

This is a nice place.

How much luggage can we take?

What's the name of the place?

I assume we're free to go.

As the world becomes economically richer, it becomes environmentally poorer.

Why would I do such a thing?

Everything's going to get better.

Are you sure you're not tired?

I don't really care.

He laid a charge against her.

That is not an island.


This is discrimination!


This is the first time I have dug a hole in the backyard.

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Who would know that?

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You look smart in the shirt.


Do you want me to give Malus something?

That was, as it were, part of the job.

Marion knows Donne well.

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Adam stopped me from leaving the classroom.

I can't say anything at this time.

Give me a second chance.

Do you remember how Naoto reacted the first time you told him you and Antony were hanging out together?

It's five o'clock already? Where does the time go?

We hate Audrey.

He was in critical condition.

I think about that all the time.

I think I like you.

Don't look.

As soon as I get up, I take a shower.

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Nicolette is no killer.

He has a son.

There were no more free seats.

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I pay quite a sum of money for each game-cassette.


Stu wasn't sick.

It'll happen again.

Maybe you should tell Israel you don't need that.

Charlie has never been willing to help us before.

He hangs around with the wrong group of kids.

The question is how to say no without making Mikael angry.

What job did they offer you?

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He was sick in bed all day yesterday.


Ssi has some very good news.

It's been a while since we've spoken seriously.

Netherlands wallop Spain.


Push the door carefully.


Hillel asked Olaf what she wanted.

Vincenzo is supposed to go to Boston next week.

Is that what happened here?


I just got here, and I don't know anyone.


What kind of work does your father do?

He is a good speaker of English.

Could it have a future ?

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Why do you hate me so much?

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You're the most important woman in the whole world.

Nobody heard about my country.

A rose is a beautiful flower.

Can I have my money back, please?

The man was mild of manner.


I knew I was in trouble.


Do you want that warmed up?


Give me your hands.


The computer has made a great impact on modern life.

I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning.

He doesn't even notice me.

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It is John's apple.

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But, but... she's not my mother!


I said nothing that made her angry.

He was all wrong.

She has reddish hair. That's why her nickname is Carrot.

They're panning for gold.

He earns at least $1,000 dollars a week.

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That's the new manager.

They didn't give me my passport back.

It might be profitable.

"Why did the English fight the Native Americans?" asked Tigger. "And why did the Indians fight the English?" asked Tricia.

Hwa was the first one on the bus.

Have you ever seen it hail?

I'll come by later.

My surname is Wan.

We'll never forget what we found.

Gary Ewing was sentenced to life under the three strikes law for stealing three golf clubs.

Ralph often stays out late.

In the days of doubt, in the days of painful brooding over the fate of my fatherland you are my only support, my only solace, oh great, mighty, true and free Russian language!

The cow moos.

There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John.

A zombie brain will eat itself.

I had no idea you couldn't swim.

I need to buy some new clothes.

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More can often be gleaned from body language than from what is actually being said.


The concert was a success.

France is the largest country in Western Europe.

Take whatever time you need, Yoshida.

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Leif left home ten years ago.


They moved up and down the keys.

Let me go and tell Darci the good news.

I just want it to be special.


I eat Thai food every chance I get.

I am not going out because I have to mop my room.

How hot will it get?


He had a classic education.


We've done what we can.

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Kay is mad at me and I can't say I blame him.


They just stared at her.

You're too self-conscious.

Fascism and communism as they were realised demonstrate two faces of the same monster.


Ask her what she bought.

The interns work in the basement and there are no windows.

Brian rummaged through the contents of her purse, but couldn't find what she was looking for.