The train service was suspended by the earthquake.

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Herman can be counted on.

Why else would I be talking to you?

You seem pretty certain.

I've been looking everywhere.

It was dreadful.


What kind of yogurt do you like best?

Are you sure Cathrin was the one who did this?

Don't take it amiss!

She is appearing on TV tonight.

The man was jailed as spy.


She is just as beautiful as her mother.


Maria is going to love it in Boston.

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Matti started yelling.

Linda was called back from college because of her father's sudden illness.

Have you been lying to me?

You didn't think I'd notice, did you?

I hate those who always skip class and ask their friends to answer the roll call for them.

We like to fight.

This book is pretty easy for me to read.


I haven't got it.

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The child handles a knife and fork well.

There was a cholera epidemic in Haiti.

Can people really be as silly as to believe that the whole population of Georgia, which speaks a Caucasian language with no common sound or common letter with English, can suddenly be fluent in English within two years ?

Soohong is a true hero.

Sundar makes a lot more money than I do.

I don't have to think about it.

Gretchen is safe now.


I assumed you were hungry.

If they find us, we're dead.

Why don't you spend some time with Heinz?

More people live in the northern part of the city.

Hope we can work together soon.


I live in a country where the cost of a liter of petrol is cheaper than of a liter of water.


Can you tell me more about your job?

Wait until I sit down.

The joke about the chicken crossing the road to get to the other side is an example of "anti-humor": meant to be funny because, on the surface, it is not.

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Now I realize why.

I understand that Arne is leaving Boston tonight.

Where did they come from?

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I am not afraid of telling the truth.

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She is a really nice person.

I have no idea to what extent I can trust them.

We have decisions to make.


Lex looks very content.


Hey Robin, you aren't obliged. However, it's amusing, based on your opinion.

You will have to study a lot.

If Phillip didn't write this, then who did?

We usually sleep in this room.

In Maribor one can find a rather old vineyard.

Mount St. Helens is a volcano located in the state of Washington.

In the USA, airplanes have bankrupted the railways; the same will happen with Esperanto and English. People just don't know which one is the railway.


I saw you working and I didn't bother you.


Where was Jos born?

Don't be ridiculous!

The enemy dropped bombs on the factory.


Galen remained cool.


I write to express my discontent.

I've come here to study Chinese.

Julianto may change his mind later.

I need to get my car washed.

Torsten is either at home or at work.


We'll never forget that.

I inquired after him.

Mixing ammonia and bleach is dangerous.

He ran out of the room in anger.

The child was full of curiosity.

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Their hands were cold.

Let me put it another way.

He is not very fast at making friends.

Is the mouse dead or alive?

He hasn't the nerve to tell the truth.


He was perfect.

Bring me money.

I just don't care right now.

He worked hard.

I take it you're not married.

The new term starts in April.

We all loved them.


Can you carry this for me?

I feel sorry for these children.

"I refuse to let you marry that man," said her father.

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Man is a social being.

He has been telling lies about himself.

Just let go of the rope.

I cannot give you a definite answer today.

Masha didn't know her parents.

Leave him alone for a minute.

Well, you got a point there.

Have you already been to Hokkaido?

I don't know either boy.

I'm going to go with him.

Give me what I want.

Rodger had a slight smile on his face.

There used to be a police station in front of this bus stop.

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I can hear Clay playing guitar in his bedroom.


The office was full of activity all day.


I live upstate.

What are you doing up there?

Everyone looked unhappy.

What is the exchange rate for dollars now?

I need the following items.


She laid the work on him.

I'm on my way to Ragnar's place.

Hamlet acts as if he were insane.

Walt was the only one who didn't know Hillary had moved to Boston.

I haven't had my breakfast yet.


General admission is $7 for adults.

He has begun on a new book.

I ate lunch two hours ago.

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I knew you would do something great.

I almost slapped Rhonda.

I haven't been well.


What planet do you live on?


In most languages the verb is an essential part of speech.


The wandering heifer's earmark revealed that it had escaped from the farm down the road.

Sangho playfully pretended to punch Marguerite in the jaw.

I have lost all respect for you.


I'm a winner!


This technology has a great future.

Why didn't you tell me?

You can come to visit us anytime you want.


I don't care what Moe says. I'm not going to go.

I heard what you said, but it didn't sink in at the time.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island.

I was amused at the story.

Has Mats talked to you about Julie?

You can go out and play as long as you stay in the yard.

I've never actually been in love.


An Olympic boxing champion buys a very expensive jacket. He comes to the Olympic village and leaves his jacket in a dressing room with a sign saying "You take the jacket, I kill you. Olympic boxing champion." In an hour he comes back to see his jacket gone, and another sign: "You catch me first. Olympic running champion."

He has an inexplicable talent for mathematics.

He likes not only baseball but football as well.

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He won everything.

He can't see anything without glasses.

She has no fewer than seven sons.

He turned the doorknob with his left hand.

Olaf and I rarely agree on anything.


Don't hurt her.

I had the porter take my suitcases to my room.

I am always tense before I get on an airplane.

I'm very happy and honored to know you.

And so one thing leads to another.

Construction materials are very expensive at this time.

Animals live in many places and in great numbers, too.


Child, my name is Jesus and I'm your father.


Did Scott go alone?

After hugging Leung, Luis picked up her suitcase and left.

Rich sat at the bottom of the stairs wondering what he should do next.

He only eats fruit.

Zoology and botany are dedicated to the study of life.

The first minutes after a heart attack are crucial.

Unless I hear from you, I'll plan to meet you at five.

We laughed like idiots.

Mr Smith, whose car I borrowed for this trip, is a rich lawyer.

We'll have to build a pen for the pigs.

It's exactly what they want.


Happiness can't be bought.