When he entered the building, he was frightened by a sudden cry.

Don intends to go regardless of the weather.


Martha and Dwayne are thinking about divorce.


Emma answered Juliane's question.


You can't fight City Hall.

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Are you a chemistry student?

I heard that you bought a house in Boston.

I'm going to miss them.

Are you in much pain?

I'm not worried about you, Srinivas. I'm worried about Antonio.

Help! I'm drowning!

Again the younger brother became a wanderer, and he arrived one day at the house of the elder brother.

I want to avoid unnecessary risks.

Does your best friend live very far from you?


Can't we go with Sekar?

Can you make out why John left so suddenly?

Straka sat down on the couch beside Lynne.

Do you mind if I ask why?

Nobody saw us leave the room.


Dion is a mastermind.

I know all of you have doubts about me.

I hated history class.

I don't think it helps.

Maybe I'll have to wait.

Maybe they will go back on their decision about this subject of divorce.

There must be a way.


This text is all Greek to me!

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Linda danced with other men to provoke Dan.

I wish to go abroad.

Her stern look got him to quit talking.

I almost told Mwa what you told me not to tell him.

A nickel is a five-cent coin.

Wilmer admitted he didn't know what to do.

The heroine of this story is a little girl.


Stanislaw promised he'd help Carisa.

I was very unlucky.

The last books were sold a week ago.


Loren was hoping to see Justin.

He teaches them how to speak Japanese.

Jonathan wore a plain blue dress.

Before going to work in Paris I have to freshen up on my French.

Cindie would like to see your new guitar.

We offered him a nice job.

He's curious about everything.

Why on earth are you here?

Oscar forgot to lock the front door.


That made me think of you.

To change the flag, click on the flag icon.

Hasn't it been solved yet? Whose responsibility is it, the prefecture's or the country's?

Les had no sooner walked in the door than Nick started to complain.

I see that it is raining.


Laurel wasn't happy about the situation.


Malus's mother lies awake at night worrying about him.

The squadron encountered an ambush and scrambled for coverage.

Oliver plans to return.

What did you ask Marilyn?

At your service, my dear sir!

I, too, wanted to ask that the whole time.

I'll find something.

We look forward to your early reply.

But you know, it would be sad to collect all these sentences, and keep them for ourselves. Because there's so much you can do with them. Which is why Tatoeba is open. Our source code is open. Our data is open.


Why am I shooting these guys, tell me, what have they done?

He likes coffee without sugar.

Hey, how do you get this thing open?

Let me go shopping.

Why does Frank always look so tired?


The Earth is flat.

The arrow of the oldest Tsarevitch fell on a boyar-house just in front of the terem where women live; the arrow of the second Tsarevitch flew to the red porch of a rich merchant, and on the porch there stood a sweet girl, the merchant's daughter. The youngest, the brave Tsarevitch Ivan, had the ill luck to send his arrow into the midst of a swamp, where it was caught by a croaking frog.

That bus goes slower than the other one.


I had a cat.


He sent me a birthday card.

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Bill was killed by a burglar.


I wanted Jeff to love me instead of Murray.


Would you mind if I helped?

I don't think Kenton is the person you should be talking to.

I wasn't expecting that to happen at all.

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He was in critical condition.

Are you going to be home for dinner?

How difficult is that going to be?

A child today would not do that.

We have a lot to offer each other.


Those knew it was a lie.

He's not at all stupid.

We have a new head coach.

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At first I didn't know.

He spun her around, took her in his arms, dipped her back, and gave her a big Hollywood kiss.

It's hard to convince Jonathan.

Hardly anyone thinks that we are sisters.

Suspenders make my personality.

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Morally, we don't have the right to get mixed up in this business at all.

This is a photo of my drawing.

We finally forced Miek to admit it.

No, Laurie isn't fat.

I feel better now.


That would take time.

Irving is the kind of man who knows how to make money.

You have to help her, but quickly.

Make yourself at home in this room.

I cannot mend this carpet. It's too old.

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Very noisy, this boy.

This tour is going to be amazing!

I knew he was lying.

Both Magdalena and Ania are from Poland.

I have six mouths to feed.


Who is to blame for the accident?

Sometimes, labels are useful.

Where is there a restaurant?


A force is a vector quantity so a force has both a magnitude and a direction.

There's nobody here by that name.

David has never had a steady job. He has always lived by his wits.

The majority of those men worked in the mine.

We needed some privacy.


If you bite your fingernails, sooner or later you will make your fingers bleed.

The magazine declares a new king of hipster "music" every two weeks.

I wish we didn't have to do that.

Lance won't let us go there without him.

Shizuko composed a poem about the change of the seasons.

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This house was built in 1870.

I'll see you in hell.

We don't want Moe to see you anymore.

I'm very slow at making up my mind.

This year, I need to buy a car.

You shouldn't look down on him.

She had been ill for a week when the doctor was sent for.

I've been told this is a quiet town.

Eric can stay as long as he likes.

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We were unable to find a way out.

We will do nothing against your will.

Antony urged Ranjit to drive carefully.

What's wrong with being naked?

The examples are as follows.


Make sure you get a good night's sleep.

Where can I charge my electric car?

You could lead.

That's not your job.

Marie refused my request.


Nothing has been sold yet.

The first bus will leave 10 minutes behind time.

I think he ate about 10 oysters.


Take a look here.

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We, as a society, have many problems.

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You could at least give me a hint.


We can get better.

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I never said that he was a saint.

I no longer feel angry, just resigned.

Isabelle used to be demanding.


A sneeze leaves your body at forty miles an hour.

I want the blanket.

Can I tell Mason why?

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Graphene is a substance made from pure carbon

Founding your life on illusions is like building a house on a swamp.

Kevan moved the flower pot to the left and the secret door slid open.

It was so cold that he was shivering.

I kicked my son out of the house three months ago.

"How was the test?" "It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be."

This is what they call a lucky break.


The food is not good.

The police looked everywhere and couldn't find any trace of Emmett.

Tobias says he doesn't have enough time.