It is possible for him to do the job.

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I've lost my interest in living.

Thanks for dropping by.

I lied to him and he lied to me in turn.


I don't have books to read.

Did you lose weight?

It should be revoked immediately.

That surprised her.

I'm not sure if I'm in love with Panacea.

Julius is having trouble breathing.

I thought Irvin had already unplugged the toaster.

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Sri had his sweater on wrong side out.

She scared the children.

If I was left alone on the elevator at four in the morning, I'd shout to attract the neighbors' attention.

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Do you have time to come tomorrow?


I'm not comparing Randy to Hilda.

Are there still men yet who don't drink?

This is the first time I've ever woven a carpet.

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I didn't hear what Tait was saying.

Dan was detained by the FBI for almost two months.

Do you sell sport shoes?


He couldn't bear to be apart from her.

I still don't know, even now.

A fire broke out during the night.

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That charity is named after a person who donated about two billion yen.

Lorenzo wondered why Monica didn't enjoy swimming.

I never should've trusted them.

It was just a dumb mistake.

They named the ship the Mayflower.

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You deserve everything you get.

I really enjoyed the beefsteak you served, not to mention the other dishes.

Nadeem seems distressed.


She tried hard in vain to make both ends meet on a small salary.

These small letters can only be read with a magnifying glass.

Look in your top drawer.


Gunnar told Ethan to get lost.

Where did you acquire your deepest, most heartfelt beliefs?

Just tell me where to go.

Rod must have seen Rahul when he visited Boston.

That's where the heart of the case is.

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She had to study hard to catch up with her classmates.

What with the wind and the rain, the game was spoiled.

The gun was Dennis's.

Why didn't you take the day off?

Cathrin said he was very happy.

I'm afraid I can't talk about that.

Werner seemed a little impatient.


His bad health is a great disadvantage to him.

I want to find my big yellow banana.

She was there last summer.

Isn't that astounding?

He lives over there, on that hill.

It still happens that people confuse transgender people and transvestites.

I arrived outside the dressing room.

He will have to help his mother in the kitchen tomorrow.

Kaj put flowers on Fred's grave.

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In this way, the students of the University have the opportunity to expand their cultural horizons.

Carisa really improved this week.

Let's all admit that Huey is a pretty good guy.


Those two things aren't related.


Jealousy is not the same as envy. Do not confuse the two. There is a difference.

When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.

Indeed, computers are detrimental.

Try as you may, you will find it impossible to give up that habit.

I'm your conscience.

Having seen my brother trembling before the urchins mocking him, I became anxious and angered at the same time.

Come on, shake hands, boys!


It's polite to say "itadakimasu" before eating one's meal.

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Why don't we settle the matter once and for all?

Did you go anywhere for the summer?

Galaxies are scattered throughout the universe and they vary greatly in size.

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Merat was bullied at school because of his weight.


Kazuhiro doesn't know why Pieter and John are fighting.


Bucky couldn't put his thoughts in order.

Shouldn't you be minding your own business?

I speak French with Phillip and Sanford.

I'll see to it that Pia does everything you've asked.

Bernie bought his truck used.

Is there any chance that Jerome might have gone to Huey's house last night?

He felt something touch his shoulder.

Though it was very cold, I went out.

That's too much!

We were unsure what kind of person Vincent would be and whether he would like living in the same house as us.

Rodger wants Elvis to know that he loves her.

You can't lift the piano.

The debate will happen tonight.


I'm just happy as hell that you're here.


He's my uncle, because my father is his brother.

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Nothing makes Sheila happy.

You broke nothing.

Edwin tried solving the problem.

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I don't have enough information yet.

Winnie pointed toward the ceiling.

Tell him so, when he comes back.

In America, you are a minor if you are under 18 years old.

He is next to me.

I sent them away.

My little brother says that he had a dreadful dream last night.

Why isn't Laurent asleep?

He was injured in the accident.

The button battery in the PC's internal timer has gone flat.

We're very good friends.

I used to think Bart was cute.

You'd better listen to me.

Miek left his car at the parking lot.

I got them to buy what I needed.

They're friends of yours, aren't they?

I think it is a gift.

The bridge will take months longer to build and cost millions of dollars more than first estimated.

Stop whatever it is you are doing and listen to me for once, dammit!

They had to cancel the trip.

I'll try to get in touch with Sanjeev.


The tomato is a vegetable, not a fruit.

Tell Manolis you want to go camping with us.

"Done!" says the angel, and disappears in a cloud of smoke and a bolt of lightning.

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He is a common sort of man.


Nowadays many people travel by car.

I don't talk to him anymore.

Takao buttoned up his coat.


Aren't you worried it might be a trap?

We've been talking about you.

The facts are just the reverse of what Leo told you.


We must obey.

Today's paper says that another typhoon is on its way.

I'll gain weight again!

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Lawrence went on vacation.

They were playing sports all afternoon. Etienne played very well.

What was inside the box?


The traveler reached his destination at last.

This is a mess.

She lay awake for hours thinking about him.

It's not clear right now whether time travel is really something that exists in reality but its possibility has been proven by theoretical physics.

That's probably true.

Rain is forecast for this evening.

You're very clever, aren't you?

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Give this to Ramu.

Get your ass back to work.

I want you to talk to them.

Trey took off his hat as he entered the church.

You are not to leave this building.

Lloyd overheard Gunter talking intimately to another woman on his mobile phone.

Torsten can't find his shoes.


It's not possible to stop here.


No matter how you look at it, Satoshi Kon was a top class director and mangaka.

The words above the door of the theatre were a metre high.

I respect you.


It looks like you were right. Timothy was the guy who stole Lenny's violin.

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I didn't know that Amigo swam yesterday.


I'd like to reserve a sleeping berth.

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Why would Donn want to change that?

The picture on the wall is the one that Maarten painted last summer.

(Implied subject) will drink.


I don't want it that badly.


Let the game begin!

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What's Ian been doing lately?

If your ability to accomplish a job does not exceed the peak (hump), on the difficulty scale for one job (project), then no matter how long you wait it will not be solved.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.