I've done the best I can.

This won't be so bad.

The very thought of snakes makes her turn pale.

When I bought this house, it was the largest house on the block.


He complimented me.

There was a boat race last night.

Don't worry. Russ will forgive you.

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I don't want you anywhere near my daughter.

I kind of liked that.

It's cold out here.


Jeff isn't so tall, is he?


I don't even know who Wayne's girlfriend is.


I found out that Charlie was wealthy.

Why do you want to buy this book?

Tonight's going to be perfect.

This is deeply unfair.

Stay a moment.

That place is in the middle of nowhere.

Our plan was objected to by the majority.

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Horst forgot to turn off the gas.

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Dustin Moskovitz is a Jewish entrepreneur. He is one of the co-founders of Facebook.

John cannot be living in London now.

Even in the case of a major disease, hope is a good weapon.


You could see the marks of the cat's paws in the snow.

If I'd paid attention, I would've known what to do.

I want a good life for my family.

They love their mother a lot.

I can't stop.


Amos was a stowaway on a ship.

Jaime is not fond of pets.

I came to talk about them.

He was in a hurry to see his mother.

We'll speak to you later.

The airplane is ready.

The court has to apply a balancing test.

Sigurd's been playing computer games since noon.

She got her nipples pierced.


He has a pain in his side.


Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in your teens?

Don't cut in when others are talking.

Don't go out after it gets dark.


I thought I was your best friend.


Miki and Sedovic are at the bar drinking.

I could tell that Gale was really tired.

She got a new pair of glasses.


They have never forgotten to send their mother a birthday present.

I rode my bike to the dentist in the rain.

If I were to ask him, he would tell me the truth.


Now what's wrong?

I told him not to throw stones.

Why do you need to know?

I thought you said you knew how to speak French.

We've got to stay awake.

It was personal.

After his wedding, Alain left his small, moldy apartment and led an extravagant life.

I've made some progress.

Could you lend me your bicycle for a couple of days?

Himawan seems to be unwilling to make a decision.

Haven't I told you this before?

I'd rather get this over with.

If by some chance it rains, the garden party won't take place.

Brandy is richer than anyone else here.

That cat is brown.

What happened with Sergiu?

The officers arrested three of the protesters.


Her illness kept her from attending the party.


Drew gave Matt a shawl for her birthday.

The law is equal for all.

I don't know what's the matter with me.

This is going to take hours.

We need your help finding her.

Look at the beautiful sunset!

I'll give that to her.

The plane is about to fly to Paris.

I'm impressed by your design.

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It was a full moon that was seen that day.


Metin told me that he thinks Devon is much prettier than Alice.

I just think we need to be extra careful.

Some high-end stores employ personal shoppers.

I shouldn't have asked you.

Could we have a table in the smoking section?

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She took me around the shops.

This surprised many people.

Well, I clean the rooms.

How many bedrooms does your house have?

You adjusted nothing.

It was very dark into the mine.

I love the way you hold me.

We're not so confident.

How many fish did you catch?

I'm talked out.

I am a bachelor.

What if I asked you to stay?

Thierry bought himself an expensive watch.

I remember that he said that.

I don't see anything strange.


Are you done washing your hands?


The floor is very cold.

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You must be careful that she doesn't fall over the cliff.

Cristi isn't outgoing.

You really are the most gorgeous woman here.

Values can't be changed overnight.

Ramen is very popular in Japan.

Figure seven shows all the parts of the motor.

You love him, don't you?

I'm aware of what is at stake.

Why is everyone so surprised?

Why don't you explain it all to Kees?

She can understand everything they're saying.

I won't give up on the stolen money.

How do you know Mickey is really safe?

His father answered, 'God will provide, my son, the offering for himself.'

The castle stands facing a beautiful lake.

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Faith will move mountains.


Well then I'll allow two on a bike, but you pedal, because I'll ride on the rack.

He can read pretty well.

She had no more paper.


I asked them what was wrong.

It took him a week to finish the work.

Mr Tanaka appears very rich.

Thank you for being here.

The problem is we don't know anything about that.

I'm just happy as hell that you're here.

It is not surprising that I was elected mayor.

She will get well in a week.

Why not apply for that job?

He bought the land with the plan to build a house on it.

Such things as television and computers could not have been dreamt of fifty years ago.

Leave me alone and let me do my job.

English is spoken in many countries around the world.

Are you scared now?

I have three beautiful granddaughters.


She's the laziest person I know.

I was bored and lonely.

I thought Gretchen was living in Boston.


I'm guessing this is yours.

I know you care about me, too.

She is good at playing the guitar.


In England in the Middle Ages, whole towns played football on certain holidays, sometimes with as many as 500 players at one time.


I could not control my anger.

My pencil fell off the edge of my desk.

Heather goes to school at eight o'clock.

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I'm touched by your concern.

Dawson is taking a bath now.

Have you actually seen King's diploma?

Wade is going to watch.

I often sing in the shower.

He knows the names of all his customers.

Who stole my keys?


I think you underestimate me.

The teacher got well again.

The level of water in the river has risen.

At last, the younger of the dancing sisters, out of breath, and laughing gaily, threw herself upon a bench to rest.

This movie is for adults, not for children.

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Where does your uncle live?

Shel asked us to leave him alone.

Know your roots.


You're a mean old woman.

He's worried that he might be late.

We live in an obesigenic society.


There is a TV in this room.

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In capitalism, a citizen is not obligated to shop.

That man's helped my family a lot.

I'm extremely hungry.