We knew someone was there.

I do not believe in centrism.

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There's a mistake here.


Once upon a time there was a chicken, that had a crispbread.

This bucket has a bullet hole in it.



I just want you to know that I'm sorry.


You may as well wait here.


This fried egg tastes like a sheet of rubber.


How is your work going?

I've been saying that all along.

Does that amuse you?

I need you to check on something.

I'll bring them.


Can you order one for me?

He wants to become a millionaire overnight.

Ramiro told us where he spent his spring vacation.


Father absented himself from work yesterday.

I'm not an easy girl.

This style of hat is now in fashion.

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Not all scientific studies are equal.

I thought you'd want to try some Japanese food.

How could you tell Ellen was bluffing?


Colin seems overemotional.

He didn't keep his promise that he would telephone me soon.

So as to dry them, women spread clothes on clothesline.

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When he got home, his wife was frying some delicious steaks.

They went out of the room, one after another.

We ran out of gas on the way to the theater.

I didn't do anything for him.

I'd study harder if I were you.

The Prime Minister will hold a press conference tomorrow.

I can't make them happy.


Pradeep would like a word with you.

My brother has an Xbox.

Sid is taking a walk.

What's your purpose in visiting this country?

I wasn't able to finish my homework on time.

That pigeon flew from San Francisco to New York.

In New York I lost my way.


I'm looking for an apartment in the center of town.


I can stay up late since I am on summer holidays.


He went 5 innings.


Let's get started right away.

Izumi moved a bit closer to Barrett.

The letter is for me.

Those houses are all alike.

What problems arose for you?

Linda wore no make-up.

He is said to be dead.

Can Philippe swim?

Go to yellow alert.

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I don't want to ever see you again.

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I had to resign.

I like that person.

The most beautiful words are those that speak of love.

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I tell the truth and I want to make love.

Here is note from him. He must have come here.

Why don't we do something else?

What's the fuck ? It's precisely what the fuck is !

Your fingerprints were found on the knife.

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Actually his work has reached the acme of perfection.

Ten years have passed already since my mother died.

I intend to find out what happened.


I haven't done you any favors.

I signed the lease today.

He can't stand carrots.

She stabbed him with a knife.

Who has more fans, Celine Dion or Mariah Carey?

You need to help me.

She found a job as a typist.

He fled his country.

How did you get there?

Heidi was sitting on the table.

Does your dog bark at Marek?


No one's been here in a while.


These apartments are designed specifically for young families.

My radio has broken down again.

Is this how it ends?

Stick it up your arse.

Tonight is going to be awesome.

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This camera is dutiable.


They have corrected it now.

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I'm learning so much from you.

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Father ran short of money and had to borrow some.


Every march is composed of just a few steps.

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He's the most handsome man I've ever met.

She got a flat tire on her way home.

Because of the accident I went too late to school.

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I'll play with Naoko this afternoon.


The shooting started around noon.

The cat sleeps next to the couch.

We don't meet very often recently.


Would you like to listen?

She married him for his money.

I like long stories with surprise endings.


We'll contact Bobby.

Moving about gives Americans a great pleasure.

Either all or none.

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I corrected myself.

Please wait until the end of this month.

They flattened his nose.

Does this mean what I think it means?

I took a cab from the bus terminal.

Although I slept uninterrupted for 12 hours last night, I still feel pretty tired.

With the world turning circles running round my brain.

Did you bring the book?

I felt excited.

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This is one of our top priorities.

Jeff had to pound the pavement for three months before he found a job.

Do you want to piss before going downstairs to the street?

I've lived a long time.

She loves the boy as if he were her own child.

He never gave way to temptation.

I don't need more information.


I wish you wouldn't go to Boston.

Dimetry couldn't conceal the truth from Jones.

This is the first time I've gotten a real vibe off you.

How long have you been standing there spying on us?

Do you think Celeste still has any friends left in Boston?


He was my dear friend.

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Tiefenthal is hypocritical.

Animals cannot distinguish right from wrong.

I thought you hated them.


Do you, by any chance, speak French?

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She accompanied her mother as she bought shoes.


Wheels turn on axles.


He acted like a madman.

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We have a moral responsibility to act.

He has three sons.

My sister has a piano.

I'm pretty happy.

A person named Itoh wants to meet you.

Ahmet is easygoing.

Isn't it strange that Pim isn't here by now?

Cathrin knocked loudly.

We have a huge job ahead of us.

It is now two weeks since the political crisis started.

A bad writer's prose is full of hackneyed phrases.

Is he reading a book?

Donald J. Trump is the President-elect of the United States.

Vincenzo wore a new coat to school today.

I refused absolutely.

We're getting a new car next month.

The plastic bag has become public enemy number one.


Frederic says he dreams about Heinz every night.

Ji stabbed me.

Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

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We have gas heating.

We did it according to your instructions.

Please join me.


I'm not much of a mechanic.

Can you recommend a good restaurant?

Bad as it was, it could have been worse.